Sunday, February 14, 2016

Oh My!!!


Here I am again! After much contemplation I decided to work on filling my days with all the things that really interest ME instead of pondering my days away wondering what I will do next! Ha!

I bought myself a new year planner which is a new thing for me to try and get my life in some order with and stick to. I'm really hoping it will help me stay on track and move through my days!

So much I want to do!

Pocket Page Letter swaps to stay active in...
Flip book Letter swaps to get active in....
Handcrafted mini albums to work on...
Handmade greeting cards to work on....
Related Facebook groups to keep up with and be active in...

I NEED to rework my blog page too! Sheesh!

My list could/WILL grow and grow!

Times a wasting! Stay tuned for my next post later this week and see what's been happening ok?

You all have a really GREAT week! Hope everyone had a really nice weekend and a nice Valentines Day today too!